Walton Hall

Click the pic! That's me with the sideburns in the back of the truck. I'm hosting a beer bust on the banks of the Brazos river for members of my dorm, Walton Hall, at Texas A&M.

While I was a graduate student there, the Dean of Students asked me to be the Head Resident of the 350 man dorm. I auditioned for the part by bouncing at their end of semester party. I was judged by how well I could intercept drunk cowboys clamoring onto a stage full of naked strippers.

It was a program dorm - a dorm that serves as a fraternity. The school was having trouble with guys getting a little out of hand being away from home for the first time. So, I was the resident tyrant. I did stop the water fights, but I wondered how it was that 200 guys with waste cans filled with water could be stopped by one guy.

During the big game against Texas, the guys moved out of the dorm and let their girlfriends use it as a hotel. I got to be locked in with the girls (woop, woop). The girls gave me a bouquet of roses. You're thinking some of the guys sneaked back in. Ha, not a chance.

We did yell practices, spirit banners, helped build the bonfire, rebuilt the lounge, emptied a lot of beer kegs, and won the intramural championships. Just like Gryffindor, we won best dorm 2 years in a row.